One Million Years Later

In the next century two ideas would dominate the rest of human history, low cost and successful Genetic Manipulation and the Morphological Freedom Movement. This was a quasi-religious concept that caused many people to genetically modify their bodies (even down to their own DNA) and adapt a non-human form. The Morphologists believed that they could “Evolve” past mankind’s aggressive and greedy past, by becoming something “More than Human”. Of course, this simply created new class divisions, rampant envy or fear, and “Human-Only” violent backlashes (a new form of “Racism“ towards “Morphs“).

In 2050, the world’s food supply is extinguished as a result of food crop genetic engineering, which inadvertently created several devastating airborne plant diseases. Global deforestation, large wildfires, and mass desertification follow. Catastrophic famine claimed the lives of two-thirds of the world population over the course of 5 years. In many locations cannibalism became the only choice for survival.

It takes nearly 15 years before significant plant life returns (although grasses never recovered), and in that time several other post-human species successfully form separate cultures of their own. Eventually, the various people of the world finally recovered, creating a world-wide society that restored knowledge; scientific thinking began again in earnest. A new “Age of Reason” came about, it would last over 500 years. The divergent species of “New Humans” brought their own unique views, and brand new areas of research were established. Hyper-advanced Mathematics were used to devise new Algorithms in Meta-Physical thought. Then, in a monumental breakthrough, the unimaginable occurred…

A small group of meta-physicists “translated” themselves into the first “Immortals”, beings of pure energy and vast mental power. A combination of fear and greed spurned others to follow, brining about the Final War. This war lasted only a week, but nearly annihilated every living creature on the planet.

Only three Immortals remained, and having transcended all human concepts of self , they were known only as Balance, Change, and Order. They made a Pact then and there; to watch over and preserve mankind by working together. It was agreed they would keep humanity in a “stagnant” technological state, allowing only Pre-Industrial Civilizations to develop. This would prevent any others from attaining Immortality without their help. The Immortals could then “translate” only those beings they deemed “worthy“, and willing to abide by the Pact.


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